An Egyptian king was fathered by the sun god, Re, and acquired the Royal Ka when his predecessor died.
The autobiography of the Royal Treasurer Ineni proves that Hatshepsut was a legitimate Horus King.
Inscriptions from a small temple in Nubia which supposedly show Hatshepsut as subordinate to Tuthmosis III were altered and the date was changed.
Inscriptions which seem to show a gradual shift from queen to king actually mean that Hatshepsut remained the God's Wife of Amen early in her reign as king.
MYTH:  Hatshepsut usurped the throne of Tuthmosis III. - FACTS
FACT:  Hatshepsut was king before Tuthmosis III was born.
MYTH:  Hatshepsut became a king gradually. - FACTS
FACT:  A 'partial king' was impossible in ancient Egypt.
MYTH:  Hatshepsut invented the story of divine conception to justify her reign. - FACTS
FACT:  All Pharaohs claimed descent from the sun god.
MYTH:  Hatshepsut had more royal blood than Tuthmosis III. - FACTS
FACT:  Ancient Egyptians had no concept of 'royal blood'.
MYTH:  Hatshepsut adopted the regnal year dates of Tuthmosis III. - FACTS
FACT:  Their two accession dates were only months apart.
MYTH:  Pharaohs became gods after they died. - FACTS
FACT:  Pharaohs became gods immediately upon accession.
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